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    Rewind ;
    November 2008;

    ♥ I`m still hoping.
    Sunday, November 16, 2008 -{'2:10 AM
    My friendster is totally back to normal! Owyea, a while ago I opened my account then it`s not slow anymore and my friends are on 1400+ again. I`m happy about that, so after that good news I visit HiS account and yea I got a bit irritated bout that girl or what else I can say, I`m jealous lol. She used to flood him comments, and what makes me hot tempered is when I read that she calls him Chubby when I was supposed to call HiM Chubb a few weeks ago I guess, short term for chubby. Arg but I know I have no right to be mad at her nor on him because he`s not my boyfriend anymore, get it? I want to cancel my Friendster because of that, I always get friggin irritated or mad everytime I visit his profile and I will see other girls who are posting comments there.

    I miss everything, I miss those old days when he was still mine, back when the days that filled with happiness and love. I`m still hoping right now that everything will be back again like how it was supposed to be, I always say that being single is much fun but behind that there is a part that makes me feel empty inside. If only I could turn back time, I`ll cherish every moments with him, those holding each others hand which is like you don`t want to let go of it anymore, those stealed glances & kisses which makes me smile, the tight hugs that makes me feel protected. Oh gaaadd, I miss him.

    Next year, after I graduate I will go to other place far from him to study. It will take 9years for me to stay there because of the course that I will take, I will miss him more, dayum.
    ♥ My First Post Here
    Saturday, November 15, 2008 -{'5:06 AM
    I just canceled my first account here at blogger a few months ago and then lately I got bored and made a new one, I promise this will be my permanent account here at blogger. So here, I pick a simple layout and with a very nice song from Nikki Flores, at first I was thinking if I will make this a personal blog site for the everyday happenings in my life or just a love blog! lol. But at the last second of my thinking I've made up my mind that this will be my personal blog site and maybe next year or next month I'm gonna make a love blog site. Blogging just became a part of my life since I was a 3rd yr hs, because that's the first time we've got our first internet connection, lol. At first I'm so noob at this but time goes on and I learned what blogging really means, the first blog that I made is at my Multiply account and after that I discoverd this blogger and so on with the help of blog hopping I discovered wordpress and the hosting thingy. I had my first account in wordpress which my hostee is Hershey from http://choco-drops.com/ it was fun but afterwards I got lost at that HAHA. My site there is almost like a pice of crap, really. I hate it, I'm trying to fix it but I can't so I just leave that behind.

    So far for that, the birth date of this is November 14, 2008 because I made this yesterday and I only fix it today so I'm hopping that this site will reach it's first anniversary, lol. I'm also gonna use this for my college life next year after I graduate high school, I am really excited at my college lofe because I will study at different place and not here at our province. I am excited to meet new friends, really! :D

    Btw, do you heard the news about friendster!? holy crap! That's not funny :( I already got 1.4K riends there and when I opened it, it goes down to 7. Arg and its too slow, and everytime I view my friends it always shows that they got private profile but they are my friend, what the hell is happening to friendster? Maybe friendster is getting too crowded unlike Multiply, facebook, bebo etc. are not that much crowded (PS Multiply is much cooler than fs) So, for those friendster addicts I'm so sorry but all I can say is friendster really sucks. lol.

    Too long for my first post, I'll end it here. Just wait for my upcoming entries haha and don't forget to leave comments after you read mmkkayy? Thanks. :)


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